Prosecutorial Discretion

Filed - May 30, 2018

Wearry v. Perrilloux

On behalf of Michael Wearry, we have sued Scott Perrilloux, District Attorney for Louisiana’s 21st Judicial District, and Marlon Kearney Foster and the former Chief of Detectives of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The suit details their efforts fabricating an eyewitness account by an adolescent, coercing the 10-year old into adopting the false story, and using his testimony to convict Mr. Wearry of first degree murder and sentence him to death in a case the U.S. Supreme Court has said was built on a “house of cards”.

The abuse of power by District Attorney Perrilloux and Mr. Foster is an outrage that should disturb anyone who believes in justice. Michael Wearry sat on death row at Angola for fifteen years for a crime he did not commit. Now he awaits retrial in jail on this bogus charge. These law enforcement officials must and will be held accountable.