Supreme Court & Appellate Program

MJC’s Supreme Court & Appellate Program fights for civil rights and criminal justice in the U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, and state supreme courts across the country. The attorneys in the Program have achieved major victories on a wide array of issues, including police misconduct, criminal procedure and sentencing, prison and jail conditions, solitary confinement, wrongful death and wrongful convictions, and habeas corpus. We frequently partner with state and federal public defenders, private attorneys, and large law firms, offering our extensive experience in litigating high-stakes criminal justice issues before the Supreme Court and other appellate courts.

The Program is staffed by an accomplished group of attorneys, who have prior experience in the nation’s leading Supreme Court practices and civil rights organizations, and hold clinical faculty appointments at Harvard and Northwestern law schools. Collectively, our attorneys have argued multiple appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court, litigated in all of the federal circuits, and argued in many state supreme courts.

We are also full-time civil rights and criminal justice lawyers, with experience litigating at the trial level. We bring to the work an extensive knowledge of civil rights and criminal law and a deep concern for the rights of our clients. Our experience has shown that collaboration and mastery of the record wins cases, so we are committed in every case to close collaboration with the lawyers with whom we partner.