Updated - August 29, 2019

Caliste v. Cantrell

Cash Bail
The MacArthur Justice Center is pursuing a federal class action lawsuit against Orleans Magistrate Judge Harry E. Cantrell challenging his practice of setting high bail amounts without any consideration of the person’s ability to pay or alternative no-cost conditions of release. Judge Cantrell also insists on using commercial bond companies (rather than cash), which require a non-reimbursable fee, a portion of which goes to the court’s General Fund – revenue Cantrell and other judges’ control.

Filed - June 27, 2017

Updated - August 8, 2019

Brown v. Precythe

Juvenile Offenders
The MacArthur Justice Center is pursuing a federal class action challenging the Missouri Parole Board’s demonstrated abuse of power, disregard for due process and failure to comply with state and federal law when it comes to youthful offenders previously given mandatory life without parole sentences.

Filed - October 31, 2017

Updated - July 25, 2019

Campbell v. City of Chicago

Abdication of Civil Rights Oversight
The MacArthur Justice Center formed a coalition of attorneys, community organizations and individuals to file a historic class action lawsuit seeking federal court oversight of the Chicago Police Department's (CPD) operations on behalf of thousands of individuals, predominately Blacks and Latinx, who have been subjected to the CPD's policy and practice of using excessive force, sometimes in racially discriminatory and brutal ways.

Filed - June 14, 2017

Updated - June 3, 2019

Wearry v. Perrilloux

Abusive Policies
On behalf of Michael Wearry, we have sued Scott Perrilloux, District Attorney for Louisiana’s 21st Judicial District, and Marlon Kearney Foster, the former Chief of Detectives of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for fabricating an eyewitness account by an adolescent, coercing the 10-year old into adopting the false story, and using his testimony to convict...

Filed - May 30, 2018

Updated - May 14, 2019

Tay Tay v. Illinois Department of Corrections

A transgender woman currently housed at Danville Correctional Facility, a medium security men’s prison, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) after being repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment and assault by both prisoners and IDOC staff. The complaint has been filed anonymously under the name “Tay Tay,” at the request...
Updated - May 13, 2019

Mohamed Emad v. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Dodge County

Resistance to the Trump Administration's Policies
Mohamed Emad is a Palestinian immigrant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Targeted and falsely labeled a terrorist by the Trump Administration, Mr. Emad was detained in March 2018. Mr. Emad came to the United States in 1994 and has not left the country in 25 years. Prior to his detention by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),...
Updated - April 24, 2019

Hampton v. Illinois Department of Corrections

Strawberry Hampton is a 28-year-old transgender woman who is incarcerated within the Illinois Department of Corrections. Ms. Hampton has survived numerous sexual assaults and received constant harassment and threats in men's prisons, where she spent the majority of her sentence. IDOC officials have consistently refused to acknowledge Ms. Hampton’s gender and have repeatedly and deliberately placed her in environments detrimental to her physical, mental and emotional health.

Filed - November 29, 2017

Updated - February 27, 2019

Garza v. Idaho (U.S. Supreme Court)

Access to Courts
Attorney: Amir Ali On February 27, 2019, the MacArthur Justice Center obtained a major victory in the U.S. Supreme Court in Garza v. Idaho. In an opinion written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Supreme Court recognized that a criminal defendant has the constitutional right to an appeal where his defense attorney improperly forfeited it, and...

Filed - January 23, 2018

Updated - January 7, 2019

Gasca v. Precythe

Parole Revocation
In Missouri, the Parole Board is running an assembly-line parole process that pushes people back into our prisons without any real legal protections. Every year, the Board revokes parole for 3,000-7,000 individuals without offering anyone an attorney, and apparently without even informing parolees of their right to counsel. In many instances, alleged parole violators are...

Filed - October 12, 2017

Updated - January 2, 2019

Gay v. State of Illinois

Solitary Confinement
Lawsuit against Illinois Department of Corrections on behalf of Anthony Gay who was held in solitary for almost 20 years. The state's action not only compounded his torture, but prolonged it and caused him to take erratic and irrational actions, which included cutting himself hundreds of times and lashing out at guards.

Filed - October 28, 2018