Updated - March 26, 2020

Gasca v. Precythe

Parole Revocation

Filed - October 12, 2017

Updated - February 27, 2020

David v. State of Missouri

Public Defense
Over 4,600 individuals, roughly 600 of whom are currently in pretrial detention, are waiting for an attorney in the State of Missouri. These individuals have been charged with crimes and qualify for a court-appointed attorney but are being forced to wait for an indeterminate amount of time for one to become available due to an...

Filed - February 27, 2020

Updated - February 25, 2020

Beaman v. Normal (Illinois Supreme Court)

Wrongful Conviction
Alan Beaman spent over a decade in prison after being wrongfully convicted of the 1993 murder of his ex-girlfriend. The MacArthur Justice Center represents Mr. Beaman in his lawsuit against the City of Normal and the three former Normal police officers who orchestrated the wrongful conviction.

Filed - April 11, 2014

Updated - February 3, 2020

Henry v. Hulett

Jail and Prison Conditions
  This feels too similar to eras and armed conflict that belong in the dustbin of history. We, the ACLU, and amici argue that the en banc Seventh Circuit should reverse and hold this reprehensible conduct bounded by the Fourth Amendment.    
Updated - January 7, 2020

Complaint to DOJ Following Deaths in MDOC

Jail and Prison Conditions
As indicated by its track record over the last several years and substantiated by the events of the last ten days, Mississippi is deliberately and systematically subjecting people in its care to a substantial risk of serious harm due to understaffing, in violation of the rights secured and protected by the Eighth Amendment to the...
Updated - January 6, 2020

Attala County NAACP v. Evans

Abusive Policies
In every trial, attorneys receive a certain number of “peremptory strikes” that permit them to remove potential jurors without giving a reason. Since taking office in 1992, Evans and his employees have used peremptory strikes against Black jurors 4.4 times more frequently than white jurors. Even the Mississippi Supreme Court has taken notice, observing that...

Filed - November 18, 2019

Updated - November 13, 2019

Weeks v. City of St. Louis, Missouri

Police Misconduct
  In denying Weeks’ request, SLMPD has claimed that the records requested have been digitized and are now under the control of the Regional Justice Information Services Commission (REJIS), which provides IT support for the City and a number of law enforcement agencies across the state. REJIS argues that the information cannot be released without...

Filed - November 13, 2019

Updated - October 11, 2019

Chicagoans for an End to the Gang Database v. City of Chicago

Abusive Policies
The MacArthur Justice Center represents the Chicagoans for an End to the Gang Database, a coalition of individuals and community organizations, in a federal class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and Chicago Police Department (CPD) targeting the widespread use of an inaccurate, racially discriminatory Gang Database.

Filed - June 19, 2018

Updated - October 2, 2019

Johnson v. Kempter County et al.

Physical and Mental Health
Wayne Johnson was incarcerated at the Kemper Neshoba Regional Correctional Facility for failure to pay fines owed to the Meridian, Mississippi Municipal Court. Despite being sentenced to only two days in jail, Mr. Johnson was detained for more than 50 days. Kemper County, Sheriff James Moore, and five correctional officers have been sued by the...

Filed - September 30, 2019

Updated - August 29, 2019

Caliste v. Cantrell

Cash Bail
The MacArthur Justice Center is pursuing a federal class action lawsuit against Orleans Magistrate Judge Harry E. Cantrell challenging his practice of setting high bail amounts without any consideration of the person’s ability to pay or alternative no-cost conditions of release. Judge Cantrell also insists on using commercial bond companies (rather than cash), which require a non-reimbursable fee, a portion of which goes to the court’s General Fund – revenue Cantrell and other judges’ control.

Filed - June 27, 2017