Filed - October 12, 2017

Gasca v. Precythe


In Missouri, the Parole Board is running an assembly-line parole process that pushes people back into our prisons without any real legal protections. In many instances, alleged parole violators are tricked or pressured into waiving their right to a hearing and being returned to prison without any process at all.

Every year, the Board revokes parole for

3,000-7,000 individuals without offering anyone an attorney,

and apparently without even informing parolees of their right to counsel.

When hearings are held, the Parole Board relies on inadequate evidence of alleged parole violations in reaching its decisions. Some parolees may sit in prison a year or more awaiting a revocation hearing. As a result of this unfair process, Missouri is one of the few states in which the prison population is actually increasing. We are pursuing a state-wide class action against the Missouri Department of Corrections and the Parole Board.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the flawed parole revocation in Missouri is that these parolees are never told that they might have the right to an attorney, let alone provided with one.