Prisoners who have completed their presence sentences typically must serve a period of years in the free community under supervision of a parole office. During the parole period, parolees must report periodically to a parole officer and comply with specified conditions of parole. Any misstep can result in an allegation of parole violation and return to prison.

This system operates largely free of public scrutiny. The MacArthur Justice Center is committed to shining a light on unfair parole practices and fighting for needed reforms.

Latest Developments

November 6, 2017

Court Moves Forward Class Action (Brown v. Precythe) Challenging Unjust Parole Process for Missouri Juveniles Previously Sentenced to Death By Bars

October 27, 2017

Missouri Lawsuit (Gray v. Missouri Department of Corrections) Calling for Juvenile Offender Parole Standards Moves Forward; Judge Rejects State’s Motion to Dismiss