Solitary Confinement

Filed - February 16, 2018

Hope v. Harris

Dennis Wayne Hope has been in solitary confinement for 26 years.

Judges, correctional officials, prosecutors, and academics have all written about the horrifying human toll even a few months in solitary confinement can exact. The MacArthur Justice Center has campaigned against solitary confinement around the country and will continue to fight this cruel and unusual punishment everywhere it is imposed.



He is housed in a 9’ x 6’ single cell no larger than a parking space and about 3’ x 3’ of that space is all that’s left for him to move around in the cell.

He remains in this cell 24 hours a day on average of 174 days a year. The remaining 191 days in the year he spends an average of 23 hours a day in the cell.

– Excerpt from Complaint, Hope v. Harris