Alton Sterling Protesters

Rights of Protesters

On the weekend of July 8–10, 2016, roughly 200 protesters were arrested during their non-violent protest of the July 5 killing of Alton Sterling, who was shot by a member of the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) after being tasered and pinned to the ground.

Law enforcement, local government leaders and law enforcement officers conspired to break up the protests by making scores of unwarranted arrests of law-abiding protesters, according to a series of five civil rights lawsuits filed by the MacArthur Justice Center in March and July of 2017.

Many of the protesters were manhandled and pushed to the ground by baton- and rifle-wielding police, deputies and troopers in riot gear.

In the lawsuits filed by the MacArthur Justice Center, a total of fourteen Baton Rouge area residents  arrested during the protests allege violations of their constitutional rights,  physical injury and denial of necessary medical treatment while in jail; all experience ongoing trauma as a result of their unlawful arrest and brutal treatment by law enforcement officer.  The lawsuits claim that several law enforcement agencies conspired as the protests began to stifle dissent against police misconduct against Black residents of the area.

Filed - March 24, 2017