November 9, 2018

Judge orders training on transgender issues for all Illinois prison staff amid inmate lawsuit

After multiple suits against the Illinois Department of Corrections, a federal judge in southern Illinois recognized that the Constitution protects trans women from discrimination. The judge ordered state prison officials to re-evaluate Strawberry Hampton’s previously denied request for transfer — and also mandated that the agency develop training on transgender issues for all staff.

Chicago Tribune

November 9, 2018

DA on hot seat, accused of rigging case against former death row inmate



November 8, 2018

Oral Argument: Garza v. Idaho (U.S. Supreme Court)


Supreme Court of the United States

November 8, 2018

State ordered to review transgender inmate’s request to move to female prison


Chicago Sun-Times

November 5, 2018

Police lawsuits provide an inside view of cash register justice in Louisiana



October 31, 2018

Argument analysis: Court skeptical that a lawyer may unilaterally countermand client’s instruction to file a criminal appeal



October 30, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court hears Garza v. Idaho arguments on defendant’s right to appellate review

Press Release
In an appearance before the U.S. Supreme Court on Oct 30, 2018, Amir Ali, Supreme Court and Appellate Counsel at the MacArthur Justice Center, argued Gilberto Garza Jr., was deprived of his constitutional right to a lawyer because his lawyers did not follow his instructions to appeal the legality of his plea and sentence. In...
October 18, 2018

LGBTQ Organization Censored by IL Prisons

Press Release
Contact: Sheila Bedi, MacArthur Justice Center, 312-503-2492, Alan Mills, Uptown People’s Law Center, 773-769-1411,   Today, attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Chicago chapter of Black & Pink, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide LGBTQ people in prison with allies on the outside. For over two years, Illinois...
October 13, 2018

Federal Court Rules Missouri Parole Board Ignores U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Protecting the Rights of Youth Given Mandatory Life Sentences

Press Release
JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A federal judge has ruled that the Missouri Department of Corrections has violated the constitutional rights of individuals sentenced to life prison terms for crimes committed when they were children and ordered Missouri to provide a meaningful opportunity for them to obtain release from prison based on demonstrated maturity and rehabilitation....
October 11, 2018

Chicago’s policing problem is systemic. Truth and reconciliation are needed.

After Jason Van Dyke’s guilty verdict, the first in decades that convicted a cop for a killing while on duty, MacArthur Justice Center’s Sheila Bedi analyzes how the case reflects larger, systemic issues within the Chicago Police Department and what is needed to ensure real, institutional change.

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