Voting Rights

The MacArthur Justice Center works to defend the fundamental right to vote and the fairness of our elections. The ballot box is the foundation of our democracy and the ultimate safeguard against the violations of other constitutional rights.

Our voting rights work extends on our fundamental commitment to defend civil rights, combat racial discrimination, and advocate on behalf of those marginalized because of poverty or entanglement with the criminal legal system.

During any time of crisis, it is especially important to have fair, equal, and accessible elections that ensure government remains accountable to all of the people. We are working to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic does not prevent people from safely casting a ballot. Nobody should be forced to choose between disenfranchisement and the risk of infectious disease.

Key Facts

  • State-sanctioned discrimination

  • Photo ID Required

  • Purging Voters

  • Jail Disenfranchisement

  • 1 of every 13