Attacks on Latino Immigrants

In 2015, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by equating Mexican immigrants with drugs, violence and rape. Since being sworn in as President, his Administration has consistently expanded immigration enforcement and detention.

Is Chicago Really a "Sanctuary City"?

In the face of Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and policies, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to call Chicago a “sanctuary city”, welcoming of Latino immigrants and refusing to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Unfortunately, the reality is different.

The Chicago Police Department provides the information from an inaccurate and racially discriminatory “Gang Database” to ICE, causing individuals to be raided, detained, denied immigration relief and fast-tracked for deportation.

We are working with community activists and organizers to fight this unconstitutional practice. We brought suits on behalf of two young men whose false designation as gang members was provided to ICE.

ICE raids aren’t just happening in border communities and urban centers – but throughout the country.

In rural Mississippi, ICE agents are targeting communities of sweet potato farmers – against the wishes of many local residents and law enforcement. We are working to help residents understand their legal rights and learn how best to deal with immigration enforcement agents.

We have joined forces with local immigration experts to create HOLA – the Hotline for Oxford and Lafayette Advocates.

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