Wrongful Convictions

Filed - November 15, 2012

Swift v. City of Chicago


Terrill Swift

Terrill Swift was one of four teenagers, known as the Englewood Four, who were framed for murder and rape in 1995 by Chicago Police officers, including James Cassidy and Kenneth Boudreau, who had long histories of misconduct. Police ignored evidence connecting the crime to a man with a lengthy and violent criminal history who was at the scene the morning the body was found. Instead, Chicago Police officers subjected each teenager to prolonged isolation, intimidation, and coercion before eliciting false confessions from each. Each man spent 15 years in prison before the convictions were vacated in 2011. All were granted Certificates of Innocence in 2012.

The MacArthur Justice Center represented Mr. Swift in civil proceedings against the City of Chicago, Cook County State’s Attorney office, individual police officers and an Assistant State’s Attorney. Mr. Swift’s case was settled for a combined total of over $11 million, paid by the City of Chicago and Cook County.