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Bloomberg’s Criminal Justice Policy: Uninspiring and Ineffective

Last week, Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign released his criminal justice proposal, detailing the reforms Bloomberg would undertake as president. It’s pretty rich to see the guy who ran on a tough on crime platform and who was responsible for the expansion and widespread implementation of stop and frisk try to rebrand himself as anything other than the center right politician he has been for decades.

Jeffrey Epstein’s In Custody Suicide Is Just One of Many, but Let’s Make it One of the Last

Jeffrey Epstein’s death by suicide just this past Saturday was greeted with shock by the general public and members of congress. The Attorney General of the United States was “appalled” to learn of the death. Epstein’s death by suicide is appalling. It is no more appalling than every single one of the hundreds of other in custody deaths by suicide every year in the sprawling and growing network of local jails across the United States.

A Mother’s Battle to Save Her Son

From the age of eight, Tyquine Lee was deemed so mentally disabled that he received state assistance to help his mom, Takeisha Brown, afford his care. Before he was 10 years old, he was hospitalized on four separate occasions for reasons related to his mental illness.’At 18 years old, Tyquine was imprisoned. Takeisha resolved to stay in contact with her son throughout his incarceration and to fight for him as best she could.

Speaking truth to power

When a vulnerable person has been crushed by the machinery of the criminal justice system, where power has been exercised with callous indifference, where there is a wrong that needs to be made right and when, as sometimes happens, there is no other lawyer or firm willing and able to take the case—we hear a call to action.