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Man cleared in murder case goes free 19 years in prison, month in ICE detention

Andy Grimm/Chicago Sun-Times


A man released from prison in December after serving nearly 20 years for a double-murder, only to land in an immigration detention facility, went free on bond Friday.

Gabriel Solache and his co-defendant, Arturo Reyes, had their convictions for the 1998 killings tossed after a judge ruled their confessions to the crime had likely been beaten out of them. But while the two men, both Mexican nationals who entered the U.S. illegally in the 1990s, were no longer stuck serving life sentences, they were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents before they could set foot outside prison.

Solache posted $7,500 bond and left the downtown Chicago Immigration Court building around noon. Reyes, who has agreed to voluntarily return to Mexico, still is in custody; ICE attorneys have said they intend to appeal his request to leave voluntarily, instead favoring a forced removal that would make it more difficult for Reyes to return to the United States legally someday.

Sporting just a custom Cubs jersey against the bitter cold, Solache told reporters he had no plans for his first afternoon as a free man since 1998.

“I’m just (going to ) enjoy my freedom,” Solache said.

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