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Important Prisoners' Rights Decision by Tenth Circuit

Important victory for prisoners’ rights to access the court system handed down by Tenth Circuit.
The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) is the 1996 federal law, which governs how an individual in prison can bring forth constitutional violations within the court system. It imposes a number of obstacles specifically designed to reduce the amount of litigation coming from prisoners. One of these obstacles is the “three strikes” rule, which requires the prisoner to pre-pay a filing fee if the individual has had three previous cases dismissed.
The Tenth Circuit ruled that that the three-strikes provision does not apply to cases that a prisoner initiates in state court. Litigation is often one of the few, and most important, means for prisoners to address issues of abuse and mistreatment. This ruling means that, regardless of previous cases or ability to pay,many prisoners will have access to state courts to raise constitutional violations and hold prisons accountable. 
Ruling available here.

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