Cash Bail

The bail system was intended to ensure that arrested persons would return to court. Now, however, jails across the country are filled with people too poor to post exorbitant cash bonds and buy back their freedom. Because the vast majority of poor people who are arrested are Black and Latinx, the cash bail system is devastating communities of color.

We have sued judges who continue to jail innocent people for the “crime” of living in poverty.

Right now, thousands of people are being held in Mississippi county jails.

Most are there because they are too poor to make bail. As a result, they we will remain behind bars for months – even years – before trial or release.

For the first time, we have been able to make this information available to the public.

Mississippi Jail Records

Latest Developments

August 6, 2018

Federal Court Rules Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Violating Constitutional Rights During Bond Proceedings