Police Misconduct

From routine racial profiling, to militarized response to peaceful protests, to institutional abusive practices and policies that target communities of color –the pervasive issue of police misconduct is instilling fear and fueling violence nationwide.  We are committed to defending the rights of the poor and the vulnerable against police abuses of power.

Latest Developments

August 14, 2018

Class Action Coalition (Campbell v. City of Chicago) Demand Revisions to Strengthen City of Chicago and Illinois Attorney General’s Proposed Draft Police Consent Decree

June 19, 2018

Community-Driven Federal Class Action Targets Chicago Police’s Inaccurate, Racially Discriminatory Gang Database

June 30, 2018

Jury Awards Wrongfully Convicted Jacques Rivera $17 Million After Spending 20+ Years in Prison (Rivera v. City of Chicago)

June 19, 2018

Judge Grants New Trial Against Louisiana State Troopers due to Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection (Dotson v. McCartney)

The MacArthur Justice Center formed a coalition of attorneys, community organizations and individuals to file a historic class action lawsuit seeking federal court oversight of the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) operations on behalf of thousands of individuals, predominately Blacks and Latinx, who have been subjected to the CPD’s policy and practice of using excessive force, sometimes in racially discriminatory and brutal ways.

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