October 21, 2020

Summer Opportunity with the MacArthur Justice Center’s Trial Litigation Program  (Chicago, IL) 

The Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center (RSMJC) is one of the nation’s premier civil  rights organizations and champions criminal legal system reform through litigation, in areas that  include police misconduct, rights of the accused, issues facing indigent prisoners, the death  penalty, and the rights of detainees.

RSMJC is accepting applications from law students for summer trial-level internships in its  Chicago office. Internships will be conducted in-person only if state and federal health guidance  deems it safe to do so. Otherwise, the internships will be conducted remotely, via telephone, Zoom  and other accessible technologies.

Trial Litigation Program: Students will immerse themselves in a fast-paced civil rights trial  practice, focusing on issues of police misconduct, mass imprisonment, racial injustice and the  criminalization of poverty. Students will draft legal briefs, work with clients and organizations,  conduct community outreach, research caselaw, draft discovery, participate in expert discovery,  prepare for depositions, and attend court hearings. Cases include:

∙ Systemic challenges to pretrial detention practices, including the use of cash bail and  denial of access to counsel;

∙ Wrongful conviction damages suits focusing on police and prosecutorial misconduct  and constitutional violations;

∙ Prisoner rights suits, addressing denial of mental health care, sexual abuse and  harassment, LGBTQI rights, and ICE/immigration detention;

∙ Excessive force litigation, particularly police shootings, focusing on issues of Fourth  Amendment liability and qualified immunity;

∙ Parole revocation reform, seeking due process protections and appointment of counsel  in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

We are looking for students who have a commitment to transformational justice. The criminal  legal system disproportionally harms people of color, people from low-income communities, the  formerly-incarcerated, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals. We strongly encourage  students who identify within these and other underrepresented communities to apply. All  applicants must have and be committed to the cultural competence required to work with clients  and co-workers who come from different backgrounds and experiences.

Students interested in either opportunity should submit a cover letter, resume, a list of references  and a writing sample to Anissa Torres at anissa.torres1@law.northwestern.edu. We will reach out  to schedule a telephone or video interview prior to making selections.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through January 15, 2021.

Compensation may be available for students who do not receive summer funding from their law  schools.