October 21, 2020

Summer Opportunity with the MacArthur Justice Center’s  Supreme Court and Appellate Program  (Chicago, IL or Washington D.C.)  

The Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center is one of the nation’s premier civil rights  organizations and champions criminal legal system reform through litigation in areas that include  police misconduct, rights of the accused, issues facing indigent prisoners, the death penalty, and  the rights of detainees.

We are accepting applications from law students for summer internships in our Supreme Court  and Appellate Program, located in Chicago or Washington D.C. Students who apply should  indicate in bold in their cover letter whether they are applying to Chicago, Washington D.C., or  both. Internships will be conducted in-person only if state and federal health guidance deems it  safe to do so. Otherwise, the internships will be conducted remotely via telephone, Zoom, or other  accessible technologies.

Supreme Court & Appellate Program: Students will work principally on appeals before the U.S.  Supreme Court, federal circuit courts, or state courts of appeal, which raise important issues related  to civil rights and the criminal justice system. Students will have the opportunity to make a  substantial contribution to ongoing appellate cases, including performing research and drafting  legal analysis for briefs. Students will gain exposure to the broader appellate process, which may  include participation in client interaction and strategic decision-making, analysis of factual  records, and participation in moot oral arguments (depending upon the stage of their assigned  matters).

Examples of the issues we litigate include:

∙ Issues facing indigent prisoners, including the constitutional rights of prisoners to be  free from cruel and unusual treatment by prison officials and access to courts;

∙ Constitutional challenges to the use of solitary confinement in the prison system;

∙ Issues related to police violence and misconduct, and qualified immunity;

∙ Unsettled questions of criminal procedure under the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth  Amendments (search & seizure, privilege against self-incrimination, right to a jury,  right to counsel).

We are looking for students who have a commitment to transformational justice. The criminal  legal system disproportionally harms people of color, people from low-income communities, the  formerly-incarcerated, people with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ individuals. We strongly  encourage students who identify within these and other disproportionately or underrepresented  communities to apply. All applicants must have and be committed to the cultural competence  required to work with clients and co-workers who come from different backgrounds and  experiences. People with experience in community activism and/or organizing are also strongly  encouraged to apply.

Students interested in this opportunity should submit a cover letter, resume, a list of references,  and a writing sample to Earl Lin at dc@macarthurjustice.org. We will reach out to schedule a  telephone or video interview prior to making selections.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through January 15, 2021.

Compensation may be available for students who do not receive summer funding from their law  schools.