January 3, 2019

Summer Law Clerk

The  MacArthur Justice Center in New Orleans is seeking summer law clerks for 2019.

The MacArthur Justice Center is a not-for-profit law office advocating for civil rights and social justice. Our work is focused on reforming the criminal justice system through litigation in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Some of our current campaigns for criminal justice reform include:

  • Jones v. Gusman, a federal lawsuit challenging pervasive violations of prisoners’ constitutional rights in the Orleans Parish Prison;
  • Federal and state litigation in Mississippi, including Jordan and Chase v. Hall et al, challenging the constitutionality of the state’s lethal injection procedure;
  • Tennart v. City of Baton Rouge and related cases: four civil rights actions against multiple law enforcement agencies and officers seeking damages for the use of excessive force, illegal arrests, invasion of property, and mistreatment in jail of Baton Rouge residents who protested the killing of Alton Sterling by officers of the Baton Rouge Police Department in July 2016;
  •  Pipkins v. Stewart, a federal lawsuit challenging the discriminatory practice of the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office to use peremptory challenges to limit the number of African-American citizens selected to serve on criminal trial juries;
  • Challenges to bail practices in Louisiana that result in the unconstitutional pre-trial detention of impoverished citizens based merely on their inability to pay; and
  • Chase v. Hall and Conner v. Mississippi, two post-conviction/habeas corpus cases seeking to prevent the execution of two Mississippi prisoners who are intellectually disabled.

Each law clerk will be supervised directly by the office’s attorneys and will have the opportunity to assist with cases those attorneys are working on. Specific tasks that summer law clerks may be responsible for include but are not limited to (a) legal research and writing, (b) gathering, processing, and summarizing records, (c) gathering statistical data, and (d) preparing for and attending court proceedings. The MacArthur Justice Center will offer a stipend to cover basic living expenses for the duration of the clerkship.

Law students who will have completed their 1L or 2L year by summer 2019 may apply. Interested applicants should send the following materials to the MacArthur Justice Center at admin@macarthurjustice.org with “Summer Law Clerk Application” in the subject line:

  • a resume
  • a cover letter detailing their interest in the work of the MacArthur Justice Center
  • a writing sample (a non-legal writing sample is acceptable)
  • two references