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New Prisoners' Rights Case [Carter v. Fleming] Before Fourth Circuit

Appellate Director David Shapiro is arguing a new prisoners' right case before a special meeting of the Fourth Circuit. Our client, a member of the Nation of Islam, accepted one non-halal meal (on Thanksgiving) and for that, the Virginia prison suspended his halal meals entirely, arguing that he lacked religious sincerity. But that can a prison really rule on a person’s religion, even after just one transgression? We don’t think so. That would like the government barring the doors of a church on Sunday for all those absent the previous Sunday, on the ground that they are faking it. 

MacArthur Justice Center Urges Court to Uphold Arpaio's Conviction

Amicus brief filed with the US District Court of Arizona argues that Trump’s pardon is both invalid and unconstitutional because it eviscerates judicial power to enforce constitutional rights

Know Your Rights If You Get Arrested

David M. Shapiro is featured as one of the legal experts offering guidance on what to do if arrested.

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